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Virta is a fully automated organization; we do all of our Audits on our Proprietary Auditing software, which has been in use for the past 25 years and under continuous upgrades and redesign. We believe it is imperative to collect as much data as possible and efficiently as possible when on the job site, to substantially increase accuracy of information, saving on time for data entry, and audit time on site. A Room-by-Room audit is performed including digital pictures of all equipment types. All rooms are identified by room number and/or location. Our new Energy Audit program uses ASHRAE Level I & II & III compatible design.

We show our clients the numerous energy saving products and systems that could be used in their facility. We demonstrate the different energy saving options that best suit the building needs and identify possible renewable energy opportunities. Our Energy Study will demonstrate how the mix of the numerous energy saving product and renewable energy will affect the existing and future electric and gas bills. Our Proprietary Auditing System integrates with our custom Energy Study Program. All of the existing building data is automatically downloaded to our servers for quick and accurate analysis. We also enter a minimum of 2 years of billing info from the customer. The electric and gas bill analysis along with the existing equipment data from our audit allows our program to weather correct the data for an average or base year. This information then allows us to Benchmark the building and compare it to other similar buildings energy consumption. This allows us to input the energy saving recommendations and forecast the future energy saving potential and or income potential from renewables for the building from the numerous recommendations, in a base year. The energy study reports are developed from the initial walk through audits performed by our staff. This audit data is collected specifically for each type of report required.

Some of our Audit Services include:

  • Lighting
  • Heating / Cooling
  • Domestic hot water system
  • Building envelope
  • Windows and doors
  • Pumps and Motors
  • Water
  • Refrigeration / Chillers / Cooling Towers
  • Heat Recovery
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Ice Making Equipment
  • Renewable Energy, Solar, Biomass & Geothermal
  • Building Analysis
  • Landscaping
  • Thermal Scan

Virta Group has provided Green energy Solutions for over 30 years, before all the current trending and Green washing for energy efficiency.
Our tried and tested programing and attention to detail enables you to make smart and informed decisions that help your bottom line.

  Did you know that you can use the outside air for walk in coolers for the equivalent of 150 days of FREE green energy cooling. Talk about getting a hand from mother nature. Ask our consultants for more information...

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