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ASHRAE has put together a building labelling program called the bEQ (Building Energy Quotient). The bEQ is different compared to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program, the bEQ actually rates your building on the energy used / square meter for the type of building. This can be used to make recommendations for reducing energy use and will illustrate the benefits of making building equipment and system investments while also giving you the ability to track and show the effectiveness of your energy saving improvements. Virta Group members are fully trained and qualified to preform ASHRAE bEQ’s, please contact us today to find out how you can have a bEQ done for your building.


Virta Group has provided Green energy Solutions for over 30 years, before all the current trending and Green washing for energy efficiency.
Our tried and tested programing and attention to detail enables you to make smart and informed decisions that help your bottom line.

  Did you know that you can use the outside air for walk in coolers for the equivalent of 150 days of FREE green energy cooling. Talk about getting a hand from mother nature. Ask our consultants for more information...

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