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The key people at Virta Group have over 30 years of extensive experience in the energy saving industry and are recognized as pioneers and innovators in this business.  Virta has a long history of large scale projects including:

Commercial and Retail Experience

• Grocery Stores
• Movie Theatres
• Fast Food Chains
• Museums
• Art Galleries
• Office Buildings
• Convenience Stores


Multi – Residential Experience
• Complete Energy Audit
• Energy Study
• Project Management.


Industry Experience
• Complete lighting audit
• Energy Audits
• Co generation proposals
• Alternative fuel Bio-mass heating Systems
• Project Management
• Technical Assistance
• Sales and Final Proposal
• Directly or as a sub-contractor


Virta Group has provided Green energy Solutions for over 30 years, before all the current trending and Green washing for energy efficiency.
Our tried and tested programing and attention to detail enables you to make smart and informed decisions that help your bottom line.

  Did you know that you can use the outside air for walk in coolers for the equivalent of 150 days of FREE green energy cooling. Talk about getting a hand from mother nature. Ask our consultants for more information...

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